125 Aniversário de Paramahansa Yogananda

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January 5, 2018

Loving greetings to all of you on this sacred 125th anniversary of the birth of our beloved Gurudeva, Paramahansa Yogananda. On this day each year, we disciples of Paramahansaji all around the world take part in devotional ceremonies and special meditations to honor him and attune with his divine, spiritually transforming consciousness. And on this memorable 125th anniversary, let us do so with special joy, gratitude, and awareness of his eternal blessings.

As a disciple of this path, know that God has responded to the sincerity of your desire to know Him by sending to you our beloved Gurudeva to be your guide and eternal friend. If we practice the sadhana he has given, with full faith in his help, he will lead us unerringly to union with the Divine. Through the sacred science of Kriya Yoga that our Guru was ordained to disseminate worldwide, he has given us the most priceless treasure of all—the means to experience for ourselves the bliss beyond human imagining felt in the silent sanctuary of the soul at the touch of God’s infinite consciousness. Let this be a time to realize anew the magnitude of that divine gift—and the gift of the Guru’s unconditional love, which will follow you and watch over you always. Hold in your heart the awareness of that love, and know that in that love God and Guru look beyond any flaw in your human nature to behold the beauty and potential of your soul. As you, too, learn to see that divine image within, you will gain confidence that you can overcome anything. Remember his love when you meditate, and feel its power flowing through the techniques, transforming your consciousness—removing the covering of maya that has hidden the purity and radiance of your real Self. When you do that, and strive to attune your will with the Guru’s will, your ultimate liberation is assured.

The past year of commemorating the centennial of Paramahansa Yogananda’s work in India has been a reminder of the power of his teachings and proof of the growing momentum with which they are spreading in India and worldwide. This anniversary has also energized the individual efforts of those who participated, either in person or in spirit. May you take with you from this 125th birthday celebration, and all the beautiful events of the past year, the soul joy you have experienced, an increased faith in Guru’s unconditional love, and a firm resolve to persevere in your sadhana. Let your gift of gratitude to him be to follow the way he has shown, that you may receive with open mind and heart the limitless spiritual bounty he yearns to give to you. Jai Guru!

God and Gurudeva’s blessings be with you always,

Brother Chidananda